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France, celebrated for its rich aesthetic and traditional culture, boasts the world’s seventh-largest economy. It stands as a top choice for both academic study and tourism globally. Renowned for providing high-quality education, France attracts students seeking excellence in their educational pursuits. The capital is Paris, and other popular cities include Marseille, Lyon, Reims, Dijon, and Toulouse. With a population of 64,756,584, the official language is French, and the currency is the Euro (€).


  1. France has the seventh largest economy in the world .
  2. Best known for its business universities and courses .
  3. France provides high quality education to students.
  4.  Excellent placement opportunity for students on the basis of their studies.
  5. Free French language classes are offered for international students.
  6. France is the only country that provide subsidized accommodation by government. 
  7. Frances also provides students with the lowest transportation expense.
  8. Collaboration with industry and salary based internships are an integral part of their curriculum.
  9. France comes under The Schengen countries.
  10. A Schengen visa  allows eligible individuals to travel freely within the 26 participating Schengen Area countries.
  11. Schengen countries also provides the privilege of credit transfer from the college of one country to other in an easy way. 
  12. Paris  hasbeenvoted as No 1 student city according to the QS Best Student Cities, 2014.
  13. IELTS/TOEFL is not mandatory for admission.
  1. Cultural Richness: France is renowned for its rich history, art, and cultural heritage. Studying in this vibrant environment provides a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in a diverse and aesthetically rich atmosphere.
  2. High-Quality Education: France has a prestigious education system with numerous world-class universities and institutions. Degrees obtained from French institutions are internationally recognized and respected.
  3. Research Opportunities: France is at the forefront of scientific research and technological innovation. Students have access to cutting-edge research facilities and opportunities to collaborate with leading experts in various fields.
  4. Global Business Hub: With the seventh-largest economy globally, France is a major player in international business. Studying here provides insights into global industries and opens up opportunities for networking and internships.
  5. Language Exposure: Studying in France offers an excellent chance to learn or enhance proficiency in the French language, which is valuable for future career opportunities and personal growth.
  6. Culinary Delights: France is renowned for its exquisite cuisine. Living in the country allows students to indulge in a diverse range of culinary experiences, adding a delicious dimension to their cultural exploration.
  7. Strategic Location: France’s central location in Europe makes it a gateway to other European countries, providing easy access to travel and explore diverse cultures within the continent.
  8. Quality of Life: France offers a high quality of life with its well-developed infrastructure, healthcare system, and social services. The emphasis on work-life balance enhances the overall student experience.
  9. Art and Fashion Hub: For students interested in art, design, and fashion, France, particularly Paris, is a global hub. It offers exposure to the latest trends and opportunities to engage with the creative industries.
  10. Scholarships and Financial Aid: France provides various scholarships and financial aid options for international students, making it more accessible for those seeking financial support for their education.


The higher education system of France consist of 

Public Universities – which are government funded universities which are open for all who pass the eligibility criteria.

Grandes ecoles – highly qualified institutions , therefore admission to these institutions are based on the entrance examinations scores.

Technical institutions –  which provides education for vocational subjects.


  • asters program ( Engineering stream ) – 13500 Euros for entire program Masters program
  • Masters program ( Business stream)- 15200 Euros for entire program
  • fee details provided are of informative nature may vary depending on the institution and the study program


  • A minimum of €8,000 per year (may vary depending on the accommodation taken and the life style of the student)

INTAKES– Summer – January/February

     Winter – September/October

 WORK RIGHTS AND STAY BACKS-  Students are allowed to work for 20 hours a week .

Students are eligible for 2 years of post study work visa , on completion of a Master’s course.

No stay back for bachelors.


Eiffel scholarship program of Excellence

Émile Boutmy Scholarship

French government scholarships

Achievement Scholarship

Ampère Excellence Scholarship


  1.  What all are the prominent courses in France?

Prominent courses in France includes Culinary Arts,FashionDesign,HospitalityManagement,Wine and Viticulture,AerospaceEngineering,InternationalBusiness,ComputerScience,EnvironmentalScience,Literature and Humanities,Fine Arts

  • Which all are the main provinces in France?

Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes,Bourgogne-Franche-Comté,Brittany (Bretagne),Centre-Val de Loire,Corsica (Corse),Grand Est,Hauts-de-France,Île-de-France,Normandy (Normandie),Nouvelle-Aquitaine,Occitanie,Pays de la Loire,Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur

  • Is it difficult to get part time jobs in France?

Part-time job availability in France varies by location and industry. Students often find opportunities in sectors like hospitality and retail. Proficiency in French can enhance job prospects, and networking is valuable in the job search.

  • Will there be campus selections in the universities of France?

Campus selections in French universities occur, but the extent varies. Universities may organize recruitment events and job fairs. Actively utilizing university career services and networking can enhance the chances of securing opportunities through campus selections.

  • How long is the processing time for France study ?

France study visa processing times vary. Typically, it takes around 2-3 months, but factors like the type of visa and individual circumstances can influence the duration. Applying well in advance of the intended start date is advisable.

  • Can a student with backlogs apply for France study?

Yes, students with backlogs can apply for France study, but admission criteria vary by university and program. Some institutions may consider the overall academic profile, so it’s recommended to check specific requirements and contact the chosen university for clarification.

  • Is France an affordable country for students?

France can be affordable for students, with lower tuition fees at public universities and various scholarship opportunities. Living costs vary by location, and part-time work options exist. However, expenses depend on lifestyle choices and individual circumstances.

  • Does the universities of France provide accommodation for students?

Many French universities offer accommodation options for students, including on-campus residences or assistance in finding private housing. Availability varies, and students should check with their chosen university for details and explore additional housing options if needed.

  • Is it possible to study a board without IELTS/ PTE / TOEFL?

Some French universities may accept students without IELTS/PTE/TOEFL, depending on language proficiency evaluations. Requirements vary, and it’s recommended to check specific institutions and programs for their language proficiency criteria.

  1. How long will it take to get the PR in France?

The process for obtaining permanent residency in France can vary based on factors such as employment, family ties, or other eligibility criteria. Typically, it involves several years of legal residence and meeting specific conditions.

  1. Can I visit my hometown while pursuing my studies ?

Yes, as a student in France, you can visit your hometown or travel during breaks and holidays. Ensure that you are aware of your visa conditions, and plan your travels in compliance with the immigration regulations to avoid any issues upon your return to France.

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